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desktop Vacuum former

We created an irreplaceable machine for a wide group of users for
owners of

printer & CNC


Strong body

Desktop and compact thermoform with industrial features.

Automatic heating

automatically heats up and prompts you to complete the heating.

Built-in powerful vacuum

built-in Super vacuum pump.

Precise temperature control

Precise temperature control.

Celsius Fahrenheit conversion.

Easy to use

Open carton box, put on desk, plug in power, turn on. So easy.

Product Parameters

Product Model A3 Size
Power supply 110V 60Hz 220V 60Hz
Max. output 1400W 2000W
Max. temperature 190°C
Film size (297*420mm)A3
Max.Film thickness 1.5 mm (some film can be 2mm)
Types of film PETG HIPS ABS ......
Max. dimensions of a convex model: Width 260 mm /10 in
Length 380 mm /15 in
Height 100 mm /4 in
Max. dimensions of a concave model: Width 240mm/9 in
Length 360mm/14 in
Height 100 mm/4 in
Package size 71*58*67cm /28*23*26 in
Net Weight 24 kg
Gross Weight 43 kg

We compatible with many materials used in the thermoforming process. We sell PEGT ABS HIPS in several thicknesses.

You can also buy other materials at good local plastic wholesalers.

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